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Singles Over 50

Singles Over 50

Joy. Pain. Travel. Sex. Fear. Anxiety. Pride. Regret. Loneliness. Love. Marriage. Retirement. Empty Nest. Ego. Divorce. New Life. New You.

For singles over 50, these are just a few words that might resonate with you and your life experiences up until today.

You’ve lived a full life for the past 50+ years, complete with your fair share of successes and failures, good times and bad times. But you’re nowhere near done yet!

Whether you’re looking forward to traveling more often, spending quality time with your family or taking it easy, you have exciting plans for the future - you just want someone special to share them with.

But finding the right person in your current social circles may seem impossible. And the truth is, it probably is. Keeping up with familiar social circles is great for maintaining old friendships. But your chances of meeting someone new that you are truly compatible with can be very low.

Even with the wide reach of online dating, it can still be tough to meet the right person because there are so many dating websites to choose from, competition can be stiff, and the technology is constantly changing.

Plus, the right person for you might not even use online dating. And they probably don’t go out nearly as much as they used to, either. Don’t worry.

Finally, There’s a Better Way to Meet Singles Over 50 Near You.

Ashburn Professional Singles is a professional network of local matchmakers that helps mature singles meet educated and successful singles, so you can stop looking for love and start enjoying it as soon as possible.

Matchmaking is a professional business service for discerning singles, not Internet dating. Unlike online dating, all clients go through an in-person screening process to ensure everyone is real and sincerely looking to build a meaningful relationship.

Here’s a snapshot of how it works:

Step 1: Click the ‘Get Started’ button and fill out a 90-second questionnaire.

Step 2: If you qualify, talk to a customer service rep to learn more and to schedule a face-to-face meeting with a Relationship Specialist near you.

Step 3: If they have the kind of people you’re looking for, and you’re a good fit for their membership, you will be invited to join.

Even if you decide not to join, it’s definitely worth looking into. That way you won’t have any regrets about wanting to find the right person but not being willing to explore all your options.

Step 4: All clients go through an in-person screening process for the benefit of everyone. This way you will know that everyone you meet will have gone through the same screening process as you.

Step 5: The matchmaking process begins so you can start meeting the kind of people you’ve been wanting to meet.

This can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month or more, due to the fact that you are a unique individual with unique needs, wants and desires. But that just means you’ll have more time to do the things you truly enjoy
instead of wasting that time and energy wading through endless online dating profiles and going on dates with very little potential.

Step 6: You go on dates while your matchmaking team continues to work behind-the-scenes to help you achieve your goals.

Step 7: When the time comes, simply tell your team you’d like to put your membership on “happy hold” because you think you’ve found a keeper and you’re having the time of your lives getting to know each other!

That’s it. This is the process that has turned countless mature singles just like you into happy couples.

Getting started is easy and there’s no obligation to join, so you have nothing to lose - except the opportunity to meet someone special that could change your life forever.

You just complete our QuickStart questionnaire and based on factors like your age and where you live, our system will instantly recommend a local matchmaker for you. That’s it. You get a free consultation with the matchmaker and engage their services if you feel it’s right for you. It doesn't cost you anything to use this website and you are not obligated in any way.

By the way, if there’s no matchmaker we can recommend in your area, we’ll tell you that and give you a free trial with an online dating company.

Take the first step right now by clicking the ‘Get Started’ button and filling out your 90-second profile. It’s easy. It’s fun. And it works!